Israele, congresso sulle monete in elettro

La Israel Numismatic Society e l’Israel Museum organizzano un grande congresso sulle prime monete in elettro (lega di oro e argento) nell’antica Grecia, che si terrà il 25 e 26 giugno 2012 a Gerusalemme.
Di seguito, in lingua inglese, la lista dei relatori e degli argomenti trattati.

White Gold: Revealing the World’s Earliest Coins
International Congress at Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Monday June 25–Tuesday June 26, 2012

Lecturer listing

Michael Kerschner and Koray Konuk
The chronology of the electrum coins found in the Artemision of Ephesos:  The contribution of the archaeological find context

Jack Kroll
On the Epeshus Inscription

Bob Wallace
Chronology of Croesus

Nick Cahill, Jill Hari, Bülent Önay, and Esra Documacı
Preliminary Analysis of Electrum Coins and Natural Gold from Sardis

Koray Konuk and Jamie Knapp
Punchmarking electrum: A hoard of Lydian trites

Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert
Some thoughts about the internal spread of the early electrum standards: local rather than chronological patterns?

Jack Kroll
“Don’t forget the dynastai”

Peter van Alfen
Public benefactor or profiteer? The role of “the state” and early electrum coinage.

Frédérique Duyrat
Proton activation analyses of electrum coins in the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Bernhard Weisser
Electrum finds of Miletus and around.

Ute Wartenberg
The Klazomenai hoard and the context of electrum coinage after the introduction of bimetallism

Mariusz Mielczarek
Cyzicene electrum coinage and the Black Sea grain trade.

François de Callataÿ
Art, finance and politics: the remarkable case of the Cyzicene electrum coinage

Katerini Liampi
Thraco-Macedonian electrum coinage

Ken Sheedy
The electrum coinage of Athens

Selene Psoma
Electrum in inscriptions and literary sources

Alain Bresson
Metrology of silver ingots in the Levant and silver coins in Western Asia Minor — economic implications, implications for price of electrum coins.

François Velde
Electrum coinage in the light of monetary economic theory

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