Serbia, discovered tombs of 2,500 years ago

An important archaeological discovery took place in south-eastern Serbia, where it has come to light tombs dating back to the iron age, containing the skeletal of warriors with their spears and daggers. These artifacts, dating to 2,500 years ago, are part of an ancient suburb of Pirot called Suburbium, along which ran the Via Militaris that went to the actual border with Bulgaria. The discovery èavvenuta in the course of some work along the route of Corridor 10 (one of the ten pan-European corridors).
Mirjana Blagojevic, an archaeologist of the Institute for protection of cultural heritage of Serbia, said: “We have found the skeletal remains of three warriors with spears, daggers, bronze ornaments and decorations of various kinds.” Predrag Pejic, an archaeologist at the Museum Ponisavlje of Pirot, explained that this is a discovery of great importance. Compared to the previous ones carried out in the region, for which it was buried remains after cremation, in this case in fact for the first time in Serbia have been found remains of victims buried intact.